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Realiant Media Solutions has been providing IT solutions for Private Enterprise and Government related bodies since 1995.

Our Design Paradigm
We have a core team of specialists who have the technical skills and experience to develope and implement a variety of solutions for businesses and non-profit organisations who are seeking to develope or enhance their presence on the world wide web.

The solutions we offer range from Shockwave and Flash applications to database driven CMS learning systems and Interactive Ecommerce sites covering every aspect of the purchase transaction beginning with orders through to secure online credit card payments.

Since its inception Realiant continues its strategic underlying focus in the development of Interactive Multimedia applications designed to enhance the communication and assimilation of information. The Internet however is only one of the ways digital information is being distributed. Beacause Realiant has a broad foundation in the multimedia area we develope for desktops/CD ROM/DVD as well.

Given the increasing speed and power of computers, the growth of faster and cheaper bandwidth for the Net and the generation of 'higher capacity' removable storage media, businesses today are looking more increasingly to developers who can strike the right balance between design and functionality. In this regard Realiant can help. We have a good mix of strategic designers and analytical programmers who will deliver your information needs innovatively and within budget..

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
Another one of our key strengths lies in our strong commitment to customer satisfaction. The customer's success is our success and to facilitate this often requires a 'big picture' approach. In the case of new websites (e.g.) and often as part of our service to new clients we plan and co-ordinate everything from securing domain names, web hosting, SSL, Search Engine Marketing and Online Merchant Applications etc. through an established and trusted network of Providers.

The end goal is always to relieve our clients of the hassles associated with searching and researching. We package the correct mix of services to ensure your website is up and running properly, on time and with the minimum of cost.

Realiant Media Solutions is based in Whitby, Wellington, New Zealand. A large amount of our communication and development work is conducted over the Internet. Being accessible is an important part of our business because it allows us to offer regular advice and support remotely.

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